#LoveYYC 2017 in Review

#LoveYYC 2017 in Review

#LoveYYC started as a  purpose-built Amazon Elevator Pitch idea collector and turned into a full fledged online community. In the past couple of months, we’ve held two challenges, asked tons of survey questions and learned a lot about community members. 

Here’s a recap of what happened from September to December last year:

  • 1,599 members joined the community 
  • 565 surveys and activities were completed
  • 3,459 quiz questions were answered
  • 32,642 hearts were awarded to community members
  • 203 community members participated in our 2 challenges

Through it all we learned that Calgarians are passionate about their city and are keen to talk about what makes it so great. LoveYYC members have demonstrated their interest in participating in the future direction of the city and are eager participants in validating economic priorities. We're thrilled that community members have shown so much interest in improving our city's economic strategy.

2017 was a really great year for #LoveYYC and we’re really looking forward to what 2018 will bring for Calgary.

Happy New Year! 

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