Reclamation Growth




Food Industry


My idea, is to put the loto winnings into creating a company that would reclaim businesses buildings (ex Detroit) or just floors of the buildings (ex Calgary) that have been desolate and abandoned from industry’s going under from the down turn of the economy and turn them into indoor gardens. These gardens would grow food, of all types, which would involve hydroponic gardening.

  The idea being, you could have 2-10 floors of a building for different types of humid areas and lighting, having the maximized growth, without the diminished returns of a farm. Turning a profit on the goods produced here, while giving jobs to the local populous of the struggling area, and taking areas of the city which may never be used again, and filling it. Ideally vertical integration, without the negatives.  All this while doing something sustainable for the world and city you are reclaiming.

Making Business into Growth, and Growth into Business!!


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