How It Works


This community was created to bring together Calgarians from all different backgrounds, who share a common passion for living and working in our city. It’s a place to share ideas, solve challenges and help further Calgary’s position as an innovation leader with world-class talent. And it’s also a place to showcase Calgary’s diverse economy from energy to technology and the amazing companies and hard-working professionals moving us forward everyday. It’s about our diverse cultural activities, special neighborhoods, and of course unparalleled recreational activities. We want you to share your thoughts, ask questions, and support and comment on postings made by others. Innovation is a group process, so whether you are part of a team or providing feedback, you are an integral part of driving towards the best idea. Just remember to be respectful of others, and their opinions – no idea is born perfect!

This community is open 24/7 so drop in any time to share your thoughts, experiences and ideas. We have plenty of fun and creative activities for you to participate in and get recognized for your contributions. You’re welcome to join a conversation in the Community Café, or start one about something Calgary-related you care about. Plus, keep an eye on the blog for interesting Q&A’s with Calgarians making a difference in our economy and other exciting highlights from the community.


It’s easy to get involved

On a regular basis we will invite you to participate in new activities, including poll questions and discussions. These activities will be displayed on the dashboard, and you will be notified by email when blog posts are added as well. Completing activities and logging in regularly will help you earn Hearts – and the more Hearts you have, the better. By investing your Hearts, you can support the ideas you’re most excited about and even win some cool prizes.

You can also share your thoughts and opinions by commenting, by completing quick surveys, or by chatting with others in the Community Café, our central space for sharing ideas.


The Challenge

Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming challenge! Once you’ve read the challenge instructions and come up with your inspiring idea, it will be time to share it with the rest of the #LoveYYC community. We also encourage all community participants to build on the ideas by commenting on those posted by others and provide constructive support to make them even better.

Our challenge will have a Community Support Phase, giving you the chance to support your favourite ideas by investing the Hearts you've earned in the community. Check out the Levels page for more information on levels and supporting ideas.

Then the challenge will move into the Expert Review Phase where a shortlist of ideas will be reviewed by an expert panel, which may include the moderation team, special guests in the community, and/or members of the Calgary Economic Development team. The expert panel will choose the best idea(s) as challenge winner(s).

How to support an idea

Supporting an idea takes less than a minute of your time. Go to the idea that you want to support, scroll down to the “support” section, and decide how many Hearts you want to invest. The maximum number of Hearts that you can use to support an idea is based on your level and your point balance. Check out the Levels page for more information. You'll also be able to see which level you’re at and how many more Hearts you need to reach the next level!

Earning Hearts

By participating regularly in the community, you will continue to earn Hearts. Some activities that you will earn Hearts for include; logging into the community regularly, answering quick questions and completing surveys. In addition, submitting and supporting ideas when we host challenges could have a big impact on your point balance!

Need more information?

Go to the Need Help page for answers to some common questions, as well as how to reach the moderator. We’d love to hear from you!