Nothing Compares to You

It's been seven years and 15 days.

Since I moved to Calgary. It was a big step. See I'm from Australia, the land of beaches and sunshine. I replaced those with mountains and sunshine. I arrived in winter, it was cold outside, colder than I'd ever experienced, but when I stepped out of that plane I knew I had found my home. To be fair, I've lived in a few cities, Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland, Manchester, and Dubai, so I know a few things about what makes a city liveable as well as sustainable for newcomers.

Calgary has an energy about it. For someone who enjoys adventure, the willings to try new things and the spirit of Calgary fits. If you want to try something new, get involved in the soul of a city, and meet people from all over the world, Calgary works. People are willing to share their knowledge and lend a helping hand, and when someone (actually a lot of people) did that for me, I passed it on to others who were new to the city. Think of it as "paying it forward" for newcomers to the city. Introductions, recommendations or pointing out that its called a "trunk" in Canada, not a "boot". Or that "thongs" mean something completely different here!

I became a citizen in 2016 and everyone was excited for me. They celebrated that there was someone new in their tribe. That's important when you bring a company headquarters to a new city. People want to know they will fit in. I can reassure anyone wanting to move to Calgary, that they will be welcome. People are friendly, they'll take the time to help you and you'll find friends fast (and I should know, I've lived in four countries). 

Calgary is the place I now call home. Where I've found my true love and where we live and work to contribute to our city, to welcome others as I've been welcomed.

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